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Planbuild Background:

Planbuild are award winning chartered town planners, architects, building and design consultants, Class 1 builders and qualified building inspectors in Adelaide, South Australia.

Based on over 40 years experience Planbuild provides complete or partial professional town planning and building services tailored to your needs and budget in all areas of development including residential, commercial, industrial, heritage, investment and community use building in addition to inspection and advisory services.

We travel to the country and interstate.

Planbuild Services:

Preparation of all applications. Council negotiation
Building and Development design. Alternatives assessed
Design and Build contracts
Construction documentation and construction
Extensions. Alterations. Interior Design. Fitout.
Construction and project management

Preparation and provision of court evidence. Appeals
Local government planning. Non complying applications
Feasibility and costing
Land division
Pre purchase, problem and construction reports. Advice
Green building and star rating

Adelaide Building Brokers is a division of Planbuild directed specifically towards providing building design, obtaining approvals, and construction to a budget for all building design types including alterations, extensions, repairs and fitout.

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