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Building Inspection and Repair Services in Adelaide?

Planbuild Building Inspection and Repair Consultants are qualified building inspectors, building consultants, and licensed builders with over 40 years experience in inspection, repair and reporting services for residential, commercial, industrial, community and heritage building.

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Planbuild Building Inspection and Repair Consultants Adelaide

Building and Property Inspection

Our Building Inspection Consultants provide building inspection services and repairs including consultation and advice on pre-purchase, building problems and construction disputes. We are Class 1 Licensed Builders, qualified building inspectors, architects and town planners.

Our building inspection and repair assessment covers a number of different areas including:
Construction, Pre-Purchase, Problem, Dispute, Dilapidation, Schedule of condition, Measurement and Preparation of Existing Plans, Conservation, Maintenance Survey, Fire and Flood, Defect Assessment, Post Occupancy Evaluation, Post Construction Approval, Town Planning Review, Building Cost Estimates, Specialist Surveys and Building Code Compliance Inspections.

For more information on building inspection and repair services in Adelaide or regional South Australia see the process for Building Inspection.

Building and Property Inspection

Planbuild Building Inspection and Repairs Background

Planbuild offer a complete analysis in all inspections and repair consultancy and cover a wide range of possible commonly occurring defects that can be related to faults from contract arrangements, materials and workmanship.

Our Building Inspection Consultant experience includes all residential, commercial, institutional, investment and heritage building repairs. We provide advice related to:

Extension, Alteration, Repair, Interiors, Council Planning and Applications, Evidence, Cost Estimate, Quotes, Building Design and Development Alternatives, Dampness, Cracking and Restoration, Land Division and Site Development.

Development Plans, Land Division and Building Design, Sustainable Green Design and Star Rating.

Established 40 Years with Industry and Civic Awards