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Do you need a builder that you can depend on?  With over 50 years experience Planbuild has established a reputation for being one of Adelaide’s leading building, architectural and town planning experts.

Our Class 1 unrestricted licensed Builder will work with you to provide a wide range of professional services relating to all areas of your building requirements.

Planbuild will provide you with services that:

  • Work to your budget
  • Assist you at every stage, from concept to completion
  • Provide effective solutions to problems
  • Undertake on-site advice for proposed new building, alteration and extension
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Selecting the right builder

When it comes to selecting a builder, the principle “horses for courses” applies. In South Australia, most General Builders are licensed with a limit on the value of construction that they can undertake.

Criteria for selection of a Custom Builder include:

  • Many builders are experienced in certain areas of construction and therefore may not be efficient in undertaking work unrelated to their area of expertise. In addition, their sub-contractors may not be suitable for building outside their normal range of work. For example, a builder who constructs office buildings is likely to provide a more costly house quotation than a builder who constructs houses. Of course, the reverse is also true.
  • Licensed builders have responsibility in a wide range of areas, including indemnity insurance, council notifications, and certification that the work has been undertaken in accordance with the Building Code and approved documents.
  • The application of Provisional Sum and Prime Cost Items allowed for in a contract. Provisional Sum Items include supply of the item and fixing on site. Prime Cost Items allows for supply only, with the builder having included the cost of fixing in the contract.
  • Your use of designs and construction documents is an area of undertaking building work that should be clarified with the builder and/or the person preparing documents.
  • Price variation claims by a builder can be a nightmare for the owner. The validity of claims can, in most cases, be directly related to the adequacy of construction documentation and contract administration arrangements.
  • Most building work including alterations, extensions and fit out require both a planning and building approval (even if all the work is internal).

Custom Builder – Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Heritage

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Whether your build is residential, commercial, industrial, heritage, investment, or community use, Planbuild is ready to help. For those of our prospective clients who are not based in metropolitan Adelaide, we travel to the country.

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Planbuild provides professional services in all areas of planning and building in Adelaide.

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