Planbuild Builders and Adelaide Building Brokers

Planbuild is a Class 1 Unrestricted Licenced Builder (BLD 7082) in Adelaide, South Australia. Planbuild Adelaide Building Brokers are members of the Master Builders Association and we have been in business for over 40 years.

Builders and Building Brokers

We are also architects in addition to being qualified urban planners and building inspectors. This background provides us with a strong basis for involvement in projects from concept to completion including residential, commercial, community, special purpose construction and heritage buildings including all alterations, improvements and repairs.

We tailor our service to the special needs and budget of a project including if required assistance in site or building selection, feasibility, design and planning of options including alternatives, staging, obtaining approvals, arranging contracts and construction. Our involvement can be provided at any stage of a development.

Planbuild provides flexibility to the client in terms of providing facilities whereby design or construction documents prepared by Planbuild can be used as a basis for obtaining alternative construction cost proposals and contract arrangements.

Planbuild – Adelaide Building Brokers division

Adelaide Building Brokers is a division of Planbuild directed specifically towards providing building design, obtaining approvals, and construction to a budget for all building design types including alterations, extensions, repairs and fitout.

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