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What is Town Planning and Urban Design?

Town planning and urban design and related “planning approval” is the process used by government to control and direct land use and development in South Australia.

Most of the hands on control is applied by local councils on the basis of a council area Plan which includes zoning of land areas in association with various forms of written policy and guidelines.

Negotiating the approval of planning applications including land divisions can be a complicated process. In most cases it is a significant advantage to have application documents prepared by a professional planner.

It is likely that council planners will ask for further information and amendments, possibly on a number of occasions. Some requests can result in a requirement for specialist advice.

Planbuild is able to assist you with all stages of the Planning Approval process from Concept to Completion.

Building approval can be an extension of planning approval and therefore implications of the Australian Building Code should be considered at the planning application stage in order to avoid possible complications and delays as the result of a conflict between legislative requirements.

Land Division

Land Division is a process administered through the Development Act and associated Acts. Professional planning advice is an advantage, particularly where existing urban allotments and buildings are involved.

Further information on Land Division Here

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